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An Open Letter to Wal-Mart

Dear Future Judge and Jury of the Wal-Mart Case, We, as women, find it hard to believe that the Supreme Court dismissed the Duke v. Wal-Mart, Inc case.  Many women have been discriminated against, not just at Wal-Mart, but also at many other companies. Someone needs to take a stand and we feel that it … Continue reading

Open Letter to Jay Leno by Sarah Lanoie

Dear Jay Leno, We as women know how much you support women, especially the Afghan Women with the help of your wife, Mavis. Your and Mavis’ donation of $100,000, used to help start the foundations’ global women’s rights program was really appreciated. Supporting your wife and her work is recognized and respected within the feminist … Continue reading

My Rhetorical Choices

I would like to first started off by saying that in regards to my last blog post, about Startup Weekend at Chapman, I emailed the person in charge last week about there being no women speakers. Earlier this week she emailed with her response, which was that it was not intentional and that she got … Continue reading

Startup Weekend at CHAPMAN

Chapman University is hosting an event this weekend starting today, Friday, November 18th through November 21st, in Beckman Hall. The event, called Startup Weekend, is a “54 hour event which focuses on building a web or mobile application which could form the basics of a credible business of the course of the weekend.” The weekend … Continue reading

WOMEN in the Boardroom

I was looking for professional blogs about women in business and I came across this one called, “Women on Business.” The focus of this blog is to provide information on how women can become successful in our business world today as women are discriminated against for being women.  The blog is owned by Susan Gunelius who … Continue reading

Lawsuit Filed Again Against Wal-Mart in California

I have, in a previous blog, posted information about the Wal-Mart lawsuit that was dismissed by the Supreme Court because they did not consider it class action status. The Supreme Court felt that if these women wanted to file a lawsuit, they needed to file separately and also, the women didn’t have enough proof to … Continue reading

Shattering the Glass Ceiling

Feminists are always trying to spread the word about the glass ceiling in business. What exactly is this glass ceiling that keeps women from advancing to higher title jobs? It’s an invisible barrier within corporations that make moving up the business ladder complicated or unachievable for women to reach. Here is a little bit of … Continue reading

The Double Minority (Whammy)

Women go through many hardships during life having to deal with discrimination but the women who seem to get the “double whammy” are those women of a minority race. They are not only struggling with gender discrimination but also have to deal with being discriminated against their race. This is referred to as the double … Continue reading

Pregnant Women getting FIRED!!!!

As I was browsing on the Internet for information regarding gender discrimination, I found this picture, which was just heartbreaking.  I find it so sad that women are getting fired for having kids.  Our society needs women to have kids but more importantly, be able to work and provide for their family. We see in … Continue reading


Today in our society, we see women who have to balance their career and responsibilities of their family. This is called “The Double Burden” for women. The term “The Double Burden” is used to describe the situation of women who perform paid work outside the domestic sphere as well as homemaking and child-care work inside … Continue reading