Today in our society, we see women who have to balance their career and responsibilities of their family. This is called “The Double Burden” for women. The term “The Double Burden” is used to describe the situation of women who perform paid work outside the domestic sphere as well as homemaking and child-care work inside the home. A women’s load is heavy because they go to work all day and then come home to be a full-time parent.  Women are known to be caretakers as the men go to work, but this has changed drastically over time as we see women having to care for the home and also go to work. Most women nowadays need to go to work and provide for their family because they are either divorced or need two incomes. Yet they are still able to come home, be a loving parent and take care of the family. Since women are able to do this, I see women as strong individuals. They know what it takes to get a job down because they have to accomplish the work at their regular job and also must come home and complete their family duties.

In our business world today, I feel that women are being gender discriminated against for having to care for their family. Their boss may feel they have too much stress on them with having to be the caretaker at home so they won’t be able to put in all their effort at their day job. This is an excuse bosses use not to hire or give a promotion to women. The bosses feel the stress from home will affect the way they work. There are many successful women today who are able to balance both work and family achieving great success with both. A great example of a successful businesswoman is Michelle Obama.  Michelle Obama is able to work and travel, yet still make sure her kids are taken care of. Businesswomen can still be successful while taking care of their family.

The only reason why I would consider women’s work and responsibilities at home a “Double Burden” is because it has hurt women in the workforce. I don’t feel people in the workforce believe women can achieve both a successful job, as well as a have a happy family life. When women are able to succeed in the workforce and have a family, I believe it shows how great and hardworking women are.  It is so difficult juggling between both a career and a family. If women are given the opportunity in the business world, they will be able to enjoy lucrative employment and share this with their stable family. Thus, if the business world gave them the chance to succeed in both, I don’t believe it should be called “THE DOUBLE BURDEN.” I think it should be called a women’s success story.


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