Pregnant Women getting FIRED!!!!

As I was browsing on the Internet for information regarding gender discrimination, I found this picture, which was just heartbreaking.  I find it so sad that women are getting fired for having kids.  Our society needs women to have kids but more importantly, be able to work and provide for their family. We see in our society today that women are working and able to take care of their family needs. Unfortunately, we can sometimes see that women are unable to do both because of the discrimination with the business community, which is shameful.  As we see in this image, the boss or manager says that he is going to have to let both of them go, including the woman and the child. The woman getting fired is not only affecting herself but also the life of her unborn child, as she will be unable to provide for her family without a job. I do understand the hesitation to hire someone who just had a baby or is pregnant. Bosses or managers know that women are going to need flexible hours and time off, but that does not make it right to not hire them or fire them for being pregnant.  Many bosses or managers assume that women are going to need a lot of time off when they are pregnant, but there are many women these days that keep working up until very close to their due date and come back as soon as they can. As long as women are able to still do their job, there should be no excuse for firing them. Women put in a lot of work on the job because they know they have to work twice as hard as there male counterpart, but know they also have to worry about the possibility of getting fired for being pregnant. Nothing seems to be easy to achieve for  women.

After seeing this picture, I decided to look further into businesswomen who are discriminated against because of pregnancy. I found there is the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prevents American women from losing their job because of their pregnancy.  There are statistics that show in 2008, there was 6,285 charges filed based on pregnancy discrimination. Of these 6,285 charges filed, 5,292 of these were resolved. Even though the Civil Rights Act is currently in place, there are still women that are getting laid off because they’ve chosen to have kids. Firing women for being pregnant or having kids is wrong because it is against the law. They put this law in place to protect women so that they are able to have kids and not worry about their job. Women having kids is part of our society and something that is natural.Women will be unable to succeed in the business world because of the discrimination of women being pregnant. What is it going to take for this to end and so that women can start climbing the ladder to succeed in the business community?

2 Responses to “Pregnant Women getting FIRED!!!!”
  1. In our society it seems as though women have to work hard to came way in the business world, and if they are able to do well for themselves eventually it assumed that they will drop out. Our culture expects that once women reach their 30’s or 40’s that they will leave their jobs and just have children. It’s funny because on one hand society expects that women will become mothers but on the other hand women are viewed as weak once they do have children. Society has these two contradictory expectations of women. At one end women are supposed to be driven and strong but at the opposite end women should be nurturing and kind. It seems as though women are screwed if they have kids but also screwed if they don’t.

    • copel102 says:

      I think you make a great point and I totally agree with what you have to say about how society makes two contradictory expectations of women. I do feel that no matter what women do they are always going to be told that whatever they are doing is wrong whether with kids or at a job.

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