The Double Minority (Whammy)

Women go through many hardships during life having to deal with discrimination but the women who seem to get the “double whammy” are those women of a minority race. They are not only struggling with gender discrimination but also have to deal with being discriminated against their race. This is referred to as the double minority, a person who is part of the minority within the minority. An example of this could be an African American woman who is not only a female but also, a female of color, thus representing two different minorities. In our business world today, we struggle to find many women running Fortune 500 companies, let alone, minority women.  Caucasian women in business actually have an upper hand when it comes to their female counterparts because Caucasian women just face gender discrimination while those minority women face both gender and race discrimination.

As you know, my blog has to do with women in business and how they are being discriminated against. Nandi George, who is part of my Writing about Women’s course, has a blog that focuses on black women in business.  I feel her blog relates perfectly with mine because both of our blogs refer to the discrimination of women in business. In one of her posts, she talks about the double minority and the many challenges black women face with discrimination in our business community today. Throughout her entire blog, she does refer to black women continuing to make progress but unfortunately, they still have a long ways to go. To be seen equal with white women, they still have many steps to climb and even far more many steps to be considered equal to men. In another one of Nandi’s blogs, she talks about Ursula Burns, an African American businesswoman. What makes Ursula Burns so special is she’s the first African American woman to be in charge of a Fortune 500 company. It is so exciting when I get to see women, especially women of color, be part of a huge company and for that matter, be in charge of running the company. It shows that today’s society continues to make improvements towards equality.

After reading Nandi George’s blog, The Double Minority, I wanted to find out more information on the subject. I found some statistics that the Trade Union Congress was reporting based off market data and a survey by the Equal Opportunities Commission.  The TUC reported that black and Asian women are more likely to take a job they are over-qualified for or settle on being unemployed. The TUC study found that “black and Asian women were more likely to be working in less secure forms of employment than white women, with almost 10% of black women and more than 8% of Asian women on fixed-term contracts or in temporary jobs compared with just under 6% of white women.” I found the statistics to be bothersome as I don’t feel that women get the kind of jobs they deserve because they aren’t recognized for working as hard as they do. I still don’t understand why minority women struggle to gain acceptance in today’s business community.  I don’t get why they have such a hard time advancing in business because they get the same degrees as others, they work so hard to be successful and with their successes, they deserve the rewards that others receive. I am a white woman wanting to go into the business world and it makes me angry knowing there is a good chance that I’m going to be discriminated against because of my gender. I can’t even imagine the discrimination a woman of color or minority will have to go through.  Women just need to keep fighting in the business world so that we get the business positions we deserve.


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