Lawsuit Filed Again Against Wal-Mart in California

I have, in a previous blog, posted information about the Wal-Mart lawsuit that was dismissed by the Supreme Court because they did not consider it class action status. The Supreme Court felt that if these women wanted to file a lawsuit, they needed to file separately and also, the women didn’t have enough proof to say that it was a nationwide policy that caused women to be gender discriminated against. Today, the LA Times ran an article titled, Wal-Mart workers limit gender-bias to California stores. The Wal-Mart women, who had originally sued the company on behalf of the 1 million people who were gendered discriminated against, have decided to reduce their lawsuit to just the women in California.  The lawsuit was sent back to the San Francisco federal court where it was originally filed in 2001. The new suit that was filed Thursday, claims “Wal-Mart blocked women in California from promotions and paid them less in management and hourly positions than those males doing comparable work.“ Five former and current women filed this suit on behalf of all California women who are and have worked for Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club since 1998. Attorney John Seligmen said, at a minimum, “95,000 current and former women workers for Wal-Mart are possibly covered by this complaint.” Theodore J. Boutrous, an attorney that represents Bentonville, Arkansas based Wal-Mart, said “the standards for obtaining class certification and their arguments still rely on the same incorrect and discredited theories that the Supreme Court repudiated.” California is just the first state to file against Wal-Mart, says attorney John Sellers, who represents the women.

I was really happy to see that these women decided to file again. I feel the last suit received a lot of attention so I can’t even imagine how much attention they will get this time around. I do believe that Wal-Mart has practiced some gender discrimination and something should be done about it, as it’s wrong.  I think that with most large companies, there is some sort of gender discrimination that goes on. I am pleased that more information is getting out about gender discrimination, as we need the world to know and be aware that gender discrimination is going on in the workplace.


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