WOMEN in the Boardroom

I was looking for professional blogs about women in business and I came across this one called, “Women on Business.” The focus of this blog is to provide information on how women can become successful in our business world today as women are discriminated against for being women.  The blog is owned by Susan Gunelius who is CEO of KeySplash Creative Inc. She is also a speaker and author but with the blog, she has contributors who write the blog posts for the website. Their goal is to give lots of information and news in ways that women can take the information, run with it and hopefully utilize it to become successful. There was one post written by of Sylvia Lafair called “Gutsy Women Relate Radically at Work.”

Susan Gunelius

Sylvia Lafair

In the article by Sylvia Lafair, CEO of Creative Energy Options, Inc., she talks about how easily we can tell the difference between men and women by their body parts. However, when you compare the brain of both, you can’t tell the difference as easily. She also gives an example of how men and women act in meetings. Lafair mentions that when men and women become stressed, their bodies produce a hormone called cortisol. As women try to bring their stress level down, they start producing oxytocin, which causes women to become friendlier, where men produce testosterone and their brain tells them to “assert yourself, mark your territory, be in charge.”   Lafair states women “like to connect and care” so she relates this back to the boardroom setting on how women prefer “alliances.” Women are more about smiling and trying to make everyone happy. Men are totally opposite in meetings, as they will fight until they get what they want. They will focus on one thing until it gets accomplished.

I felt this article related to my blog in the sense I don’t feel women get as many jobs as they should. They say women are too emotional or care too much where a man doesn’t care about what he has to do to reach his goal. I feel this is a something bosses should look at because women caring too much or being emotional can be beneficial since it shows they really care about the company and will do most anything for it. I think when men try to be in control, they come off as too harsh where women are kinder and more caring. It is important that successful women, like Susan Gunelius and Sylvia Lafair, continue showing other women how they can be successful too.

Sylvia Lafair said, “ This is our time. It is time for us to both care and dare as we take new and important places in our complex world.” I really thought this quote fit perfectly with it now being a woman’s time to step up in the business world and take control.

One Response to “WOMEN in the Boardroom”
  1. Great comment about bosses need this new information about differences, so they can understand and appreciate the differences in leadership styles of men and women, it’s not about who is better, who is right or who is wrong, it’s about understanding our different styles.

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