My Rhetorical Choices

I would like to first started off by saying that in regards to my last blog post, about Startup Weekend at Chapman, I emailed the person in charge last week about there being no women speakers. Earlier this week she emailed with her response, which was that it was not intentional and that she got the speakers based off who was interested. I was really glad to here this because it shows that there was not gender discrimination of women involved with this event going on at Chapman.

Now on to this weeks post. As my blogging assignment for my writing class at Chapman is coming to an end, I have decided in this post to write about the rhetorical choices I made throughout my blogging experience.   When I looked back at picking my topic and deciding what I was going to focus my writing about, it seems as though I didn’t go any direction that I wasn’t expected.

There is some rhetorical choice that I made, which I feel helped me get to my vision that I saw in my blog.


Rhetorical Choices I made:

1. Design. With my design, I wanted it to look professional because business people are very qualified, but I also wanted it to look like a female college student was writing.  I decided on the color of a very light purple and the pictures because they both made the blog sophisticated and simple, but still gave a collage girl kind of feel.

2. I decided to stay with my topic and purpose, which was to talk about gender discrimination against women.  I feel that I brought up situations that are going on in the world today with women in business not being able to succeed, but giving them the courage they can do it. Any women can succeed.

3. I tried in every post to bring some kind of article, statistic or some academic information to back up what I had to say and just to give my readers examples.

4. Tone. I feel as though throughout my whole blog my tone as a writer was more formal. My reasons for a more formal tone was to make the blog seem more professional and organized which is what I see when I think of businesswomen.

For my first time writing a blog I feel that I did a decent job. I stayed focus on what I wanted to portray in my blog and I feel as though I succeeded. I feel as though I have developed my voice into a more professional type of writing. I am still not sure exactly what my voice is as a writer, but I feel I have made big improvements by writing this blog. I really enjoyed writing this blog about businesswomen and I hope to continue.


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